Who are we and what is our mission?

We are a team of professionals from very diverse backgrounds. What we have in common is that we all love travel!

Originating from the Balkans, we’ve grown up enjoying the fabulous natural spas of the region. On one such trip, Ellie, our chief bean counter, came up with the idea to make it super simple for other people to experience the same rejuvenating and revitalising trips. We set about designing a process to make it all possible. From such humble beginnings, Wellbe Travel was born.

We provide an effortless travel service to handpicked wellness destinations. Our partners are carefully selected to ensure that you have the most wonderful experience.

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service so if you’d like to know anything more about what we do or have questions about our packages we would LOVE to hear from you!

Have a carefree and joyful journey towards your well-being!

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Val – CEO/Founder

The big cheese. The head honcho. It’s Val’s passion that brought all of this to life!

Interesting fact: “Loves strategy based games!”

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George – Regional Managing Director

George’s first-hand knowledge of Europe and specifically the Balkans is second to none. George also loves to paraglide! He knows all the best spots for exploring, for relaxing, and for jumping off!

Interesting fact: “Has a degree in Physics and speaks 5 languages!”

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Ellie – CFO

She understands the numbers and keeps us all in line! Ellie’s a vocal advocate of healthy-living and well-being.

Interesting fact: “Loves to read about dragons and fairies!”

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Vas – Regional Managing Director

He is our partner relations guru. He knows all the little things that are going to make all the difference to your stay.

Interesting fact: “Has lived in Bulgaria, UK, Ukraine, Azerbaijan (Asia) and Malawi (Africa)!”